Topologie: Express your Inner Need for Adventure

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With travel and world exploration seeming more common place than ever, it is no surprise that the bags you put all your stuff in has never been more stylish with options abounding.  One start up backpack company that caught our eye was Topologi.  Founded by rock-climbing enthousiast Carlos Granon, Topologie strives to create daily commute bags that maintain the spirit of exploration as you get around your day.  The results are the beautifully crafted backpacks made fit for the world traveler to express their passion as they take on a city abroad or back in their hometown.

Exploring New York City with my Topologie Multipitch Dry Bag.

Claire and I had the fortunate opportunity to test out Topologies’s Dry Collection ourselves and we were very impressed with what we found.  These rainproof and lightweight bags have a sharp and simple design that proves fashionable no matter what you’re wearing.  Commuting  to work and looking sharp, this bag has got you looking good.  Exploring a new city or checking out the local beach, Topologie has you covered. Learn more about Topologie here.


Image provided by Topologie.  The psositioning of the zipper makes it impossible for pickpockets.

The styling of these bags takes it’s influence from rock climbing with it’s useful hold handle that acts both as a design statement as well as having practical use.  One of my favorite features however, is the waterproof zipper that opens the main compartment.  Rather than the conventional set up of having the zipper in the middle of the bag, Topologie positions their zippers into the top and inside part of the bag.  This creates peace of mind as you explore busy areas where pick pocketers can be aloof.  This would have been nice to have on my trip through Europe as I could have forgotten about the bag on my back and focused all my attention to the travels in front of me.  In addition to practical reasoning, the bag appears zipperless, giving it that climbing bag look and helps contribute to the simple design.  You can learn more about the Dry Collection here.

Topologie has a sleek and stylish design

These bags are a one compartment fare but there is a divider inside that fits laptops and notebooks, helping to keep things neat and orderly.  There are also two small pockets attached to the divder so that you can keep any small loose ends in your bag from moving around and getting lost.  Overall, the bag has enough padding for a comfortable day of walking but keeps it light enough to maintain that super light feel the bag has.  Despite being rainproof, this bag wont weigh you down.


While not necessarily the bag you want for trekking, the bag is suitable for day hikes so long as you don’t have to carry too much with you.  Keep in mind that these bags are built for city environments but that doesn’t mean it can be used elsewhere.

The bag can also be used for light day hikes

In addition to bags, Topologie also runs a line of climber inspired bracelets.  They are made from climbing rope and other gear to create a unique bracelet for those inspired by outdoors.  Claire and I picked some out and we’ve enjoyed incorporating them into our daily dress. You can find Topologie’s bracelets here.


Image provided by Topologie

Topologies bags are perfect for urban environment exploration while still allowing you to express the inner adventurer that burns inside you.  If you’re looking for a bag that looks sharp while at the same time hints towards your inner explorer, then this is the bag for you.  You can buy your Topologie gear here.


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