Morocco in 25 Photographs

Want to be inspired to grab a bag and head to Morocco?  These photos should do the trick!  Claire and I choose our twenty five favorite photographs from our journeys in Morocco.  Our trip through the kingdom brought us to many different landscapes and colorful cities.  The country offers everything from mystic desert tunes, to the highest peaks of North Africa and from tiny isolated villages to overcrowded medians.  Whatever you travel for, Morocco has something to offer you.


For trekkers, Imlil is a must go to destination while in Morocco.  A small town nestled between the mountains, the town serves as a base for those exploring the mountains in the region.  From here, tackle the tallest peak in North Africa, Toubkal, or choose one of the other routes that range from day trips to overnight treks.  A guide is not necessary on most treks but do your own research before you go to see what is best for you.  Want more information on Imlil?  Check our our post on Imlil.


This shot was taken from the road on the way to our accommodation in Imlil.  Getting out of town a little and up to the foothills gives you some sublime views.


Taken from the rooftop of our accommodation, this one just occurred out of luck as I was experimenting with the settings of my camera.  Next thing I know a gigantic move began to rise over the mountains!


View from the summit of Toubkal, North Africa’s highest mountain.  While chances are you will not have the mountain yourself, the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment you feel when you finally reach the summit is unforgettable.


Most people overlook this once legendary city.  Now the economic capital of the country, the city is mostly for business but offers its charms with a little bit of searching.  The local medina is not built up for tourism and serves as a good introduction into Moroccan culture.   However, Hassan II Mosque is the gem of the city.  One of the largest mosques in the world, the complex is set up against the Atlantic Ocean offering epic views.  The colors and architecture are worth the extra night you spend in Casablanca in order to see it.  Check our our post on Casablanca to find out more.IMG_4664

The tile mosaics at Hassan II offer great opportunities for photo ops


The architecture of Hassan II Mosque is some of the best to be found in Morocco.  This is one of the few mosques you can get a look inside while in the country.


The Sahara desert ends up on most travelers’ list.  The golden dunes that endlessly flow into the horizon cannot be missed.  To get to the Sahara you have two options, due to budget constraints we decided to head to the cheaper destination, Merzouga.  The town did not disappoint as our hostel (more like a hotel) was just a five minutes walk from the first dunes of the Sahara.  After a bit more walking, one finds themselves lost among the dunes.  While a lot of people visit here, the desert is vast enough and the dunes high enough to make you feel like you have the whole place to yourself.  This was one of the highlights of our travels here.  For more info, click Merzouga.


A desert caravan.  While this isn’t Marco Polo or any other legendary traveler, it evokes the same feeling as you observe it from afar.


Taken just after sunrise in the Sahara.  Staying in the desert throughout the day provide different amounts of light, causing the dunes to transform right before your very eyes.


If you have never rode a camel before, the Sahara Desert is the best place to try it!  Just be warned, Camel riding is not as comfortable as it looks.  Here Claire looks back as I manage to get of this shot as my own camel bounces up and down.


Four photos from the Sahara Eric?  Yeah, the Sahara was that good. If you go to Morocco, GO THERE!


The academic capital of Morocco and home to perhaps the oldest university in the world, Fez gives off a very different vibe than most other cities in Morocco.  A young, well educated, and hip crowd dominate cafes while the Medina preserves the city’s ancient charm.  We preferred Fez over Marrakech despite  the latter being more photogenic.  Despite this, we still got some great photographs from the old city.  To learn more about Fez, click here.


Doing a very bad job at pretending to be a model.  To the left of the photograph, you can see the oldest university in the world with its green rooftops.  Heading to the old burial ground above the city is great for an afternoon stroll.  The view is great and its a nice place to just slow down for a bit.  Oh, and its awesome for snapping photos too!



Fez’s streets hide hundreds of public fountains.  Some are retired from service but many are still used as the locals access to clean drinking water such as this one.


Despite the hoards of tourists that suffocate the city, there is no denying the beauty of this city.  Although the touts and scammers can make days frustrating, the shots you get in between are pretty sweet.  Check out Marrakech for more info.


The tanneries of Morocco are among some of the best in the world, many of them still using traditional methods.  Here is our favorite shot from one of the many tanneries to be found in Marrakech


Medersa Ben Youssef is worth the few bucks for entry.  Located within the medina, this museum used to be an old Islamic school.  Great place for photographs.


Another one from Ben Youssef.


Getting off the beaten path in Marrakech rewards you with some great photo opportunities.

Ait Ben Haddou

This perfectly preserved ancient mud brick town is easily seen as a pit stop along the way from Marrakech to the Sahara.  The town has been made famous due to the various movies and television shows filmed here such as Game of Thrones, Gladiator, Lawrence of Arabia, and Jesus of Nazareth.  Most tours include Ait Ben Haddou or you can do it yourself from Ouarzazate. For more info check out what we wrote about it here.


Outside the old town walls in the dried up river bed.  Take some time to look around before heading into the ancient buildings themselves.


As you climb up the streets to get to the top, take time to stop and enjoy the view as you go.


The city of blue, this town once the home of only those of the Jewish or Islamic faith is a guaranteed highlight of any trip to Morocco.  The town situated up on a mountain side is a photographer’s dream.  Get up early in the morning and you will be rewarded with empty streets that will surround you with beauty and tranquility.  We had to extend our stay here because it was just that good.  For more info on the town visit the link here.


Getting up early in the morning allows you to get the photos you are looking for.  Its always fun watching the streets begin to become alive by late morning as well.


With no major sights to see, Chefchauen is a city to be randomly explored.  Random exploration surprises the traveler with views like this.


Doors come in all shapes and sizes in Chefchauen but they all have one thing in common, they are blue.  This one was our favorite.


While it is easy to become enchanted and never want to leave town, pry yourself out for some sublime overhead views.  This one was taken on a hike up to a summit nearby.


Every street holds its own unique charm.


Claire being beautiful as always.  Never difficult to take a photograph of her.


Chefchaouen is on a mountainside so be prepared for a lot of stairs.


Beauty and the Beast enjoying one of our favorite world destinations.

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