Diving the Philippines: In Pictures

Welcome to the Philippines!

Claire and I were lucky enough to spend 4 weeks diving in the Philippines.  Here are the spots we hit!

Safety stop at Puerto Galera


Puerto Galera

This is where we received our certification.  It was a perfect location full of corals and aquatic life.  There are unlimited possibilities for advanced divers too!  The town itself is built for diving and drinking… making this a fun place to chill in and out of the water.

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Pandan Island

This tiny island was a hopping point to Apo Reef.  Traveling to here takes some effort but it is worth the pain.  This paradise island only has one hotel which resembles something out of Gilligan’s Island.  Just a 50 foot walk away from your room, Sea Turtles await along the beach line with plenty of other aquatic life to see.  A fun dive was worth the price here, but to be honest, you get the same experience with just a snorkel.

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Apo Reef

The only diving spot bigger in the Philippines is Apo’s rival, Tubbataha Reef. The main draw card here is to go see the white Tip Reef Sharks that patrol the walls.  Dive companies prefer divers to have advanced certifications, but due to our diving record, our dive master allowed us to get down to 35 meters to check out the sharks.  Apo is a two hour boat ride from the mainland.

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Donsol is known for the largest fish in the world, the Whale Shark.  Our focus here was to take trips to Manta Bowl.  Although we didn’t see any Manta Rays, we did see a huge Spotted Eagle Ray, plenty of Whale Sharks, a white tip reef shark, and a school of Tuna.  One cannot begin to describe what it is like to be underwater with these huge and peaceful creatures

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Want To Become A Certified Diver Or Advance Your Certification?

We were very lucky that our friend, Aaron Gillespie ( aaron@gdiveat.com ) from New Zealand is a diving legend in and around the Philippines.  Helping to set several diving world records with his buddy, there are few that have the experience and expertise that Aaron has when it comes to diving.  He is certified (and over qualified) to instruct any PADI diving certification course. We couldn’t have asked for a more professional  or better learning experience.  Aaron mostly works out of Puerto Galera, which is easily accessible through Manila, the capital of the Philippines.   As he has dived in the area for decades, there are few who can offer you the experience that Aaron can share with you (and he is always ready to have a beer with you as well!).

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If you would like to learn to dive in the Philippines, you can contact Aaron at aaron@gdiveat.com.  Be sure to tell him Claire and Eric sent you!


Are you a diver?  What are some of your favorite diving spots?  Have Questions about diving?  Feel free to comment below!


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