Belgium: Chocolate Lovers Paradise

Belgium: Chocolate Lovers Paradise

Bow tie or chocolate shopping?

My last post on Belgium was all about beer.  Very, very, good beer.  If you’re not a fan of beer, don’t feel left out because Belgium has something to offer you that everyone loves (If you don’t like chocolate then you don’t have a soul).  In a country where Godiva is seen as being too commercialized and cliche, there is no shortage of chocolate in a country that has over 2,000 Chocolatiers.

Displays for chocolate go above and beyond in Brussels

As one walks down Galeries Royales St. Hubert in Brussels, you would think you were shopping in a mall with nothing but luxury clothing brands.  Instead of fancy coats and shoes however, the windows are filled with mouthwatering displays of chocolates and candies.  Window after window of chocolate continue to tempt you as you pass, some bearing more familiar names while others you would never know of unless you came to Belgium yourself.  This, simply put, is chocolate lovers paradise.  Centrally located in the city, Galaries Royales is a great place to start your chocolate tour of Belgium.

Am I shopping for jewelry or chocolate?

While it would take years to get to every chocolate shop within Belgium, here are two that Claire and I became attached to during our stay in Belgium.


Leonidas offers great prices for very good quality chocolate

This chain is the people’s chocolate of Belgium.  A favorite among locals for its quality when compared to its price, this is where to go in order to get your fill of daily chocolate.  By sacrificing a little quality, Leonidas offers their chocolates for prices far less than the luxury brands.  The chain has all of the traditional styles and flavors of chocolate that you would expect.  If your looking to bulk up on chocolate as your travel, this is the budget friendly option for you.

They also have decently priced macrons

The Chocolate Line

The Chocolate line offers varieties of chocolate you have never even dreamed of

Taking a tour through Bruges?  Add this chocolate shop to your list!  This artisan chocolatier is coming up with flavors you could never even imagine.  While you can still grab plenty of traditional types of chocolate, there are an array of chocolates for the more adventurous.  Have a try at flavors such as sake, cannabis, Cuban cigar, bacon, and cola.  Our favorite?  Fried Onion!  (Seriously, I am tempted to ask for chocolate syrup next time I get a side of onion rings)

Chocolate bars!

This relatively small chocolate shop is where you want to go if you want high end chocolate that you can’t buy anywhere else in the world.  While a box of these chocolates will put a dent in your wallet, it is still reasonably priced when compared to many shops you will venture into while in Belgium.

You have to stop here while in Bruges

In the end, with so many chocolate shops, big and small, there is no right or wrong way to satisfy your sweet tooth while in Belgium.  Walk around, see what catches your attention and give it a try!  You would be pretty unlucky if you got some bad tasting chocolate wherever you end up.

Fancy box for fancy chocolate

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